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Clear copywriting
for conscience-led businesses 

It's possible to write with kindness and candour and sell what you do.

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Great copy illuminates your story

The ones who say:  
What if I turn this idea into reality?
What if we join up those dots?
What if we make space to invite more people in?

I work with
‘What If?’ people. 

What if we add more personality?
More playfulness? Condense this part? Simplify this point? 

Can we dream a little bigger, darling?

I'm a ‘What If?’ person, too.

Hi, I'm Amy

"What if I’m off track with this? 
What if it's more than I can handle?"

Perhaps I can help.

Of course, ‘What If’ has a shadowy side: 

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"If you're looking for stunning design partnered with excellent communication then you need to get Ace and Wren in your team!"

Amy was an amazing communicator through our project. She was patient, friendly, and answered any queries or questions I had.”

Ellen, blogger

"Working with Amy was great."

She listened to what I wanted from a logo and created a great design that encapsulated my brand perfectly.”

Wendy, twinkle in the eye