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Strategic blogging for growing businesses

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Share your magic through excellent content, free from the whims of third-party platforms.

Add some big glowing arrows (SEO keywords) so the people who need you can find you.

Show what your business stands for, believes in, and why you're a safe place to land.

Your business blog has so much potential...

*except be nice to people. And always do your tax return.

I don’t believe in ‘shoulds’ when you run your own business...* I’m not going to say you *should* have a blog. But the benefits are so juicy for creative businesses and entrepreneurs, I’m delighted you've landed here!

Cross 'Write that Blog Post' Off Your List

Whether you’ve been building up a gorgeous library of blog posts for a while, or you’ve got as far as a page called ‘blog’ on your website, grab some creative copywriting support here.

you haven't missed the boat, or Dropped the ball. But maybe there's another way to play. 

We're looking for your quirky individuality, nuanced opinions and emotional experience. Otherwise AI could probably write your blog post, right?

One of my hidden strengths is spotting yours: the things you may have overlooked which make you different in the best possible way.

So much more than getting another post published: together we'll craft a piece to serve your business for the long-term.




Of course I'll do the writing, but I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve to get your blog working well for your business.

I want your blog to stand out

Paul Young, E-Comm Business Owner

“She was fantastic, I provided her with a basic starting point and she produced two thorough, well thought out and engaging blogs for my readers. She puts a lot of thought into what she does and it really shows.”

"Amy wrote exactly like I do and it fit perfectly alongside my existing blogs."

After I've sent you the post, you'll have a set amount of time for follow-up support or revisions. We'll get it spot on!


Sit back and leave it to me: I’ll bring everything we've talked about together in a post that meet the needs of your audience (with relevant keywords to keep the search engines sending people in your direction for years to come).


Once you’re booked in, it's on to information gathering. I’ll get familiar with your brand voice, content themes and business goals, and do some SEO research. I may come back to you with follow-up questions or gaps to fill in.


Decide what kind of blog post you need (see below for options) and drop me a line here. I'll confirm proposed timings and send over your invoice. 


Getting from the blank page to a wordy wonderland

How this writing process works

You have a place to blog on your own website

What would make this project a great fit?

You know what your ideal customer needs and how your offers can solve their problems.

You want to grow your business and reach more people.

Per blog post of around 1000 words

Which blog package is right for you?


Includes an engaging and purposeful post, with relevant SEO keywords and meaningful structure.

Per blog post of around 1500 words