I’m an introvert that loves working from home and setting my own daily rhythms, but I also know how lonely, tiring, and all-consuming it can feel to be your own boss.

I've been running my product business (designing cards and prints) since 2018, and then launched Ace and Wren to support other creatives and entrepreneurs with their copywriting and design needs and marketing. Together we create those just-right words, images and systems for their unique businesses. 

I'm Amy, a copywriter and illustrator with a love for seeing creative businesses grow. 

I like finding the most beautiful way to solve a problem... 

The people I work with have big, beautiful motivations, like transforming their families’ lives; putting their deep beliefs into action; and investing in their communities.

I believe our businesses can change the world when we grow them with balance: protecting our time and energy, and keeping the fun in the running. I can't wait to see you go after those big idealistic goals as you outsource some of the stuff behind-the-scenes.


more about me

My secret dream is to build a tiny eco home on my own little patch of land. But I would still need speedy wi-fi and an excellent coffee maker.

I’m gradually filling my house with succulents and my garden with vegetables, and I can talk about plants for a VERY long time. Watching BBC ‘Gardener’s World’ is my happy zone.

I’ve always been fascinated by how we communicate - I trained as a Speech and Language Therapist (studying Human Communication Science at university) and worked for the NHS for almost ten years.

I’m an old millennial – I remember memorising my mates’ landline numbers, the twinkly noise of dial-up internet, and a time when the only people using Facebook were uni students.

+  In safe hands:
Sure, sometimes we need to take risks, but I believe good things come from comfort zones. The decision to outsource can be a huge step in itself, and I want you to always feel safe and secure as we work together.
+ Heard and understood:
I LOVE starting new projects so sometimes I have to press pause on my creative excitement, taking time to check I’ve really understood why we’re doing it.
+ Equipped:
The whole point of my work is to set off my YOUR work beautifully – it needs to express your personality; the copy should make you shine. I want you to feel ready to take on the next bit of your business using content I’ve created for you.
+ Charmed and delighted:
A little extra magic that makes you say ‘ooh!’ – like a chocolate on your hotel pillow. My favourite feedback is when clients say something like ‘wow, I’d never even thought of that!’

4 things that I want my clients to feel with every project:

Let's Work Together