How clear brand values can help you sell more easily

(or how I bought a perfume without smelling it first)   Sometimes, as small businesses, we assume our product or course descriptions do all the heavy lifting. You know, if we can give customers enough factual information, they’ll buy… we just have to explain every element, in precise detail, to show them it’s exactly what […]

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Do you need a new strategy for your marketing content?

Some thoughts about Instagram   Every so often, a fellow small business creative makes a confession. “I haven’t posted anything to the grid in… (lowers voice)… months, Amy. Months.” Oh, that Instagram guilt. It’s easy to feel bad about not posting often enough; not posting the ‘right’ stuff; feeling stressed with the content creation treadmill, […]

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6 helpful tips if you’re struggling to name your new business

  How do you choose a name for your business? Some people get an instant, instinctive feeling of what’s spot-on for them, others already have a cherished name they’ve been saving for the right time, but for most of us it isn’t a straightforward process. And, because naming is one of the elements we need […]

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